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The Game

Wolfenstein 3-D Shareware
Spear of Destiny Demo

Shareware Patches

Holloween (330k) A good holloween patch. New levels and graphics. - By Colonol Bill

Barneystein (250k) A patch the changes the graphics to look like Barney. - By PC-Crap

Lost-ep (317k) SOD's Lost episodes scenes and sounds. - By Colonol Bill

Xmas Wolf (282k) Xmas wolf, new levels and graphics to look like Santa. - By Bob & Adrienne

Alien Wolf (300k) Shoot aliens in Alien Wolf, new graphics and levels. - By Mark Fleig

Duke does Deutschland (319k) Good add-on that changes graphics to look like Duke 3D. No new levels. - By Unknown

Corridor 7 (205k) A replacement for the originall graphics to look like Corridor 7. - By Unknown

Mega Wolf (271k) Not that great but still has new graphics in a spaceship scenario. - By 2 cousins Unknown

The Nazi's Ride Again (297k) If your a spear fan this is a patch for you. Don't let the first level fool you this is a good add-on. - By Spifferaneous

Neo Wolf (311k) Nice scenario, new graphics and levels. - By Ben Blaufarb

Pac-n-Clown (283k) Wolfenstein meets Demon Clowns of Death, good add-on if you hate clowns. - By Colonol Bill

Schoolenstein (285k) Taks place in a school, some new graphics. - By Spifferaneous

Registered Patches

Astrostein (517k) An awsome addon that takes place in some space thing, a must. - By Spifferaneous

Conflict in the Fatherland (785k) 60 level set with new graphics and sounds, rather hard but the levels are very good. - By BJ Rowan

Doomsten (762k) Doom add-on that replaces graphics, original levels. - By Unknown

Gravenstain 3000 (47k) A 60 level fairly hard set with lots of SS's although the first level wasn't changed. - By Thomas Hubert and Brian Lowe

Meuchelmord (Assassination) (85k) Nine good new levels, very hard with lots of guards. - By Joey

NuclearStein (696k) Fairly easy with new graphics and some beenie babies. - By Marty Beltran

Oceanstein (729k) Some new levels and graphics, takes place in water world. - By Unknown

Shankenstein (79k) 60 level set with many winding passages. - By Unknown

Super Gorenstain 3D (744k) 10 new levels that replace episode 3. - By Sam

Total Conversions

Return to Wolfenstein (1.3M) My 2nd add-on with lots of source code changes and new graphics. It's a 20 level set with it's own setup and install files. - By Kurt Fankhauser

Armagedon (1.2B) 60 continueus levels with a rather good setup. There are 4 total keys and you start in the old castle and work your way up through power plants tunnles and to a valcanoe.- By Spifferaneous

Assasinate Hitler (1.02M) Levels is a word to descibe this add-on. And a few graphic changes, ect. - By Gary Ragland

Bar Room Blitz (1.26M) Good add-on! This takes place in a bar with awsome graphics. - By Unknown

Beyond Wolfenstein (1.16M) A good add-on with lots of changes, graphics, levels ect. - By Nate Smith

Beyond Wolfenstein II (1.9M) Very good add-on, A very unique add-on with new graphics and levels and more. - By Nate Smith

Beyond Wolfenstein II (Special Edition) (1.17M) Better than the above with more features and a new title screen. - By Nate Smith

Chokage (1.35M) A very weird add-on, Graphics, ect. - By Chris Chokan

Hitler's Reighn (1.23M) Hard 10 Levels with a new .exe, sounds, and graphics. - By Adam Archbold

Hitler's Revenge (1.06M) Good 10 level set with a few .exe changes and some new graphics. - By Val Mai

Mallenstain (965k) My second add-on, 1 level takes place in a mall, lots of new graphics. - By Kurt Fankhauser

Operation Buzz Bomb (1.09MB) 10 level add-on with many features such as edited .exe. Very good levels, must download. - By Luke Straumann

Operation Panzerschiff (1.13MB) Very, very good add-on with a very good title screen. - By Necrodog Industries

Schabbs 2000 (1.11M) A must download, featureing plenty of new suprises. - By Gary Ragland

Schabbs Resurection (1.29M) Graphics, Levels, this is a fairly good add-on. - By Nate Smith

The Six Depths of Terrorism (1.17M) 60 continueus levels with a new .exe. Levels look similar to the originals.- By Barry Christian

Project Totenburg (Phase 1) (1.26M) AWSOME This total conversion has new everything, a MUST download. This is only the first half of the game. - By BJ Rowan

Ultimate Wolfenstein (1.10M) Well designed TC. New graphics, 50 levels, and edited .exe. - By Titus II

Western Wall I (1.14M) Lots of new stuff, STATUS BAR, and the new TRUCK. New exe and everything. Better than BW2SE. - By Spifferaneouse


FloEdit 1 (5.5MB) The best wolfenstein and spear editor to this date. You can do almost anything with this editor, a MUST download. -By Florian Stöhr

Mapedit v7 (80k) Edit floors for Shareware and Registered wolf.

Mapedit v7.2 (86k) Edit SOD demo floors.

Mapedit v8.4 Floor editor for the Registered version only.

Wolfedit v2.1 (28k) A good graphics editor.

Wlfaud (31k) sound editor for the Shareware set.

Wolfsnd (18k) Sound editor for the Registered set.


WolfLetters Wolfletters and Numbers. - By Kurt Fankhauser
Letter's and Numbers Letter's and Numbers from the level completion screen. - By Ryan
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